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Young and old in Myanmar fond of the pickled tea, which is a traditional delicacy. The pickled tea, mixed with fried ... details



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Roasted Lima Beans....details


Assorted Fried Beans- Kabar Kyaw High Class Food Stuffs

Special 7-layar Double Fried Assorted Beans

Contents there in:
(a) Roasted Yellow Sesame
(b) Roasted Pumpkin
(c) Fried Red Ground-nut
(d) Fried Garlic (Crescent)
(e) Fried Crescent Gram
(f) Roasted Groundnut
(g) Fried Taunggyi Beans

The Special 7-layer Double Fried Assorted Beans are made only with purified beans and fried twice in order to be brittle and dainty. Specially preserved always to be brittle and dainty so as to have it by all people regardless of elders or youngsters.

Can order in any weight and amount for those who are Vegetarians and wanting to give as present abroad and for Wedding & Donation Reception Ceremonies as well as Agents.

Special 7-layar Double Fried Assorted Beans

Fried Taunggyi Beans


Fried Taunggyi Beans

(a) Jurassic Fried Taunggyi Beans (Big, Medium, Small)
Fried Crispu beam imported from China origin (Butter Bean) fried with garlic taste. Very nice to eat, good scent and more delicious for all.( All sizes of Taunggyi Beans can be ordered by at one's like. )
(b) Fried Velvet Beans
(c) Fried Bokate Beans
(d) Fried Duffin Beans